I embrace experimentation within the spheres of oil painting, printmaking, and mixed media. I engage in a reactive process with the work while remaining attentive to issues of formalism, process, and materiality.

I operate within the realms of abstraction and the nonobjective.  My images demonstrate a lack of adherence to the laws of gravity, perspective, depth of field, realistic color, and dimensionality. The work displays an internal logic in the pictorial field. Visual ambiguity releases the viewer from deciphering a specific narrative, or an articulated content. One is free to extrapolate a highly personal meaning from the cloaked, torqued, or distorted elements of the original subject matter.

Color holds a position of honor in my practice, and offers opportunity for exploration and discovery. Surface, materiality, line, and shape hold court beside color. These formal elements, my chosen source materials, the medium, and the act of creating then coalesce to give form to the finished work.